LAWPUBL 464 - ST: Law and Policy

Credit points: 10 points
Offered: First Semester
Contact hours: Lectures – 2 hours per week
Course Coordinator: Professor Jane Kelsey
Prerequisites: LAW 211

Course description

Using climate change policy as a reference point, we look behind the scenes at what shapes government decisions about policy and legislation. Should the state play a hands-on or arms-length role in regulating our lives, communities, economy, eco-system? What are the overarching political, bureaucratic and legislative frameworks within which policy and legislation is made? Is there a hierarchy of government agencies and external players who influence policy? How do policy makers and advisers go about developing or reforming policy and which tools and resources do they use? What does the current model of ‘best practice’ regulatory management involve and does it really produce those results?  


1000 word assignment (30%)

4000 word research paper or 2 hour open-book exam (70%)