LAWPUBL 466 - Contemporary Issues in Disarmament Law

Credit points: 15 points
Offered: Second Semester
Contact hours: 3 lectures per week
Course Coordinator: Associate Professor Treasa Dunworth
Prerequisites: 30 points at Stage II in Global Politics and Human Rights or LAW 211
Restriction: LAWPUBL 455

Course description

In this course, we will examine legal and humanitarian issues relating to arms control and disarmament. While we will consider historical disarmament initiatives to “set the scene”, our focus will be on legal analysis of contemporary issues in disarmament and we will study the whole range of weapons from so-called “conventional weapons” (landmines, cluster munitions and small arms for example) as well as “weapons of mass destruction” (chemical, biological and nuclear weapons). We will also explore new weapons technologies such as those using remotely controlled platforms and autonomous weapons systems.

In traversing these weapons and the respective disarmament efforts, we will explore a number of themes including the different ways we talk about disarmament (as security? as human security? as a question of humanitarianism?), the difficulties around verification and dispute resolution and the role of law in processes of disarmament and arms control.  There will also be an emphasis, where possible and appropriate, on New Zealand’s role in disarmament and arms control. I hope to have at least one guest speaker who has been involved in international disarmament efforts to share and reflect on their experiences and on disarmament processes generally.