General education courses

General Education courses are a distinctive feature of University of Auckland undergraduate study.

General Education guidelines

  • Graduate students are not required to take General Education courses but do include LAW 121G as part of LLB Part I.
  • LLB students enrol for LAW 121G, Law and Society, in LLB Part I. Students accepted to LLB Part II cannot count LAW 121G as a General Education course and are required to complete 15 further points from the General Education schedules 
  • Students not accepted into LLB Part II and who continue with another programme may be able to include LAW 121G as a General Education course in their other programme. For some programmes, students also may be able to include LAW 131 and/or LAW 141 from any available university programme. Please check your specific degree programme regulations.
  • Students (other than graduates) intending to complete LLB as a single degree are encouraged to include 15 points of General Education courses (other than LAW 121G) as part of their 90 points of non-law courses in the first year.
  • Students intending to complete conjoint degrees may defer their General Education course (other than LAW 121G) until after their first year.

LAW 121G: Law and Society

The course is an introduction to the nature, functions, origins and contemporary questions relating to law in its social context. The focus is on law and society in New Zealand, including its sources of law, its institutions, and its operation historically and today. Māori concepts of law and justice, and their relationship to the New Zealand legal system, are also addressed.

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