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The LLB(Hons) degree is a highly regarded programme for those students who maintain a B+ average throughout their law studies. The programme's focus is on quality research and culminates in writing a dissertation.

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LLB(Hons) Dissertation Due Dates 2018 - 2020

Semester Two 2018

Friday 27 July: Selection of supervisor and approval of topic
Friday 7 September: Submission of completed draft
Friday 19 October: Final submission 12 noon

Summer Semester 2018 - 2019

Friday 21 September 2018: Selection of supervisor and approval of topic
Friday 23 November 2018: Submission of completed draft
Tuesday 29 January 2019: Final submission 12 noon

Semester One 2019

Friday 15 March: Selection of supervisor and approval of topic
Friday 26 April: Submission of completed draft
Friday 7 June: Final submission 12 noon

Semester Two 2019

Friday 2 August: Selection of supervisor and approval of topic
Friday 20 September: Submission of completed draft
Friday 25 October: Final submission 12 noon

Summer Semester 2019 - 2020

Friday 27 September 2019: Selection of supervisor and approval of topic
Friday 29 November 2019: Submission of completed draft
Tuesday 28 January 2020: Final submission 12 noon


Choosing Your LLB (Hons) Dissertation Topic

1. The Honours dissertation (LAWHONS 789) is worth 40 points and is 15,000 words in length. For more information, students should refer to the Guidelines on the Presentatioon and Submission of the LLB(Hons) Dissertation. Students should think of a topic and then discuss it with a member of staff teaching or working in the field of their chosen topic. When there is no such teacher, they should consult the Associate Dean (Academic).
2. Once a topic is chosen and is approved by the staff member concerned, the application should be lodged for formal approval by the Assistant Dean (Academic).  The topic approval form is available here or from the Law Student Centre.
3. Students should aim to select and register their dissertation topics as far ahead as possible.
4. Following registration of the topic students should report to their supervisors regularly until the completed dissertation is submitted.
5. Formal enrolment for the dissertation must take place in the 9th semester of the LLB(Hons), (or 11th semester of conjoint programmes) i.e. the semester following the completion of Part IV.
6. Students in their Part IV year are strongly advised to choose a topic and find a supervisor early in that year with the aim of completing their dissertation in summer school. It is extremely difficult to complete your dissertation once you are in employment.
7. Research projects which involve human subjects (including those participating in surveys) may require the prior approval of the University’s Human Participants Ethics Committee. Seek advice from your supervisor in this matter.
8. Dissertations must be submitted to the Law School Student Centre by the due dates above.
9. Final dates for the submission of Honours dissertations will be strictly observed. Extensions of time will rarely be granted and only for exceptional reasons. Students should contact a Student Adviser at the Law School Student Centre in the first instance.
10. Should students not complete their Honours dissertation within the required timeframe they must apply for an extension. If an extension of time is granted, they will be required to re-enrol and pay fees again in the next semester.
11. The word requirement for Honours dissertations is 15,000 words.
12. i) Typing should be one and a half or double-spaced with a recommended 12 point font size.
ii) Footnotes should be of a smaller size and conform with the New Zealand Law Style Guide.
iii) An acknowledgement page should be included that recognises any assistance you have received during the writing of the dissertation.
iv) An abstract of between 250-350 words must be included in the dissertation.
v) Recommended order of material — title page, abstract, acknowledgments, table of contents, text, appendices, bibliography.
vi) The title page must include the words; ‘A Dissertation presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Laws(Honours), The University of Auckland, and the date’.
13. Submission and Binding: The dissertation must be submitted electronically by the due date, so that the word limit can be checked and it can be processed through Turnitin. Instructions on how to submit electronically will be posted on Canvas at the relevant time (towards the end of each semester, shortly before submission dates). ALSO: at the same time as you submit the electronic version, i.e. by the due date, two limp-bound copies (black spine and clear plastic front & back covers; not spiral bound) must be submitted to the Law School Student Centre. The Law School Student Centre can arrange for dissertations to be Limp Bound at $5.00/copy.
Copies of dissertations that have been awarded an A grade in previous years are available at the Davis Law Library for viewing.


A list of all academic staff members and the areas in which they are usually able to offer research supervision.