LAWHONS 743 - ST: Refugee and Immigration Law

Credit points: 20 points
Offered: Full-year
Contact hours: Lectures - 2 hours per week
Course Coordinator: Dr Anna Hood

Course description

In this subject we will be looking at some of the complex issues that arise in refugee and immigration law at both the national and international level. You will be encouraged to think about the history and development of the different issues we consider, theoretical approaches to the two areas of law, what forces have affected the shape and content of refugee and immigration law, whose interests are served by the laws we consider, and the extent to which the laws we study help or harm people. Most importantly, you will be encouraged to think critically about the different topics we discuss.

In semester one, you will have 12 classes where you are introduced to different ideas in refugee law and immigration law. In the first part of the semester we will focus on refugee law. This will include an examination of some of the limitations of refugee law, the securitisation of refugee issues, the widespread use of detention  and refugee camps, and people smuggling. In the second part of the semester we will look at a number of different immigration issues including New Zealand’s immigration history, human trafficking, migrant workers and immigration and human rights issues. In addition to the substantive classes in semester one, we will also have a couple of classes set aside to discuss how to  approach the research essays you will be writing this year.  

In semester two, you will each be required to present the research you are working on for half a class.