Best Leap EEG Pilot Study

We are seeking children between 17 months and 36 months to be part of the Best Leap EEG Pilot Study.

What is the Best Leap EEG Pilot Study?

This study is a sub-study to The Best Start Study: Children’s Brain Development

The aim of the pilot is to see if it is possible to add new practices into our larger project studying children’s brain development and their behaviour. We would like to learn more about how the program changes children’s attention, cognitive, and social processing. This pilot study will allow us to assess how practicable it is to include these assessments in the larger project.

What is involved?

In a single one-hour session we will show your child some videos and sound recordings. We will record your child’s brain activity response with a small cap that is made of stretchy material. It does not hurt and most children forget they are wearing it after a while! Once these are complete, we will remove the cap and play some behavioural games.

Study participants wearing the stretchy cap.

Wh0 can take part?

Children between 17 months and 36 months can take part. You will need to come to the Liggins Institute at University of Auckland, Grafton or Nga Hau – Mangere Birthing Centre.

For participation, we are offering a $20 voucher and a koha for your child.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to take part or request further information, please get in touch:

Phone: 021328086