Healthy Start Workforce Project

The Healthy Start Workforce Project offers evidence-based professional development programmes for health practitioners and people working with pregnant women, children and whānau.


The Healthy Start Workforce Project is funded by the Ministry of Health and hosted at the Liggins Institute. It offers free professional development programmes to health practitioners to further their understanding of lifestyle factors in pregnancy and early life that can influence lifelong health.

What's on offer?

  • An online education programme that explores the scientific evidence for why nutrition and physical activity during pregnancy and the early years are important for lifelong health.
  • A Healthy Conversation Skills workshop to give practitioners techniques to support clients to make lasting lifestyle behaviour changes that fit with their worldview.

The two courses are complementary; the online education course provides the scientific background for “why” the early years matter so much for lifelong health, while the workshop provides the “how” to help clients make appropriate changes.

Health practitioners can also get updates on the latest news and events in the field of early years research through the Healthy Start Workforce website.

Both courses are free of charge thanks to Ministry of Health funding.