Undergraduate Honours Projects

Add Honours to your degree with a 90 point research project at the University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute.

From investigating how our genes affect acne, to exploring how extremely preterm babies grow, an Honours project is your chance to work alongside world-renowned investigators.

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Honours Project Supervisor
Using MRI to understand brain-behaviour relationships in mid-childhood Eleanor Kennedy
Targeting hormone receptors to improve radiotherapy Jo Perry
Acne: can we understand the genetic contribution and use it to inform treatment? Justin OSullivan
To what extent can a brief child behaviour screener replace an extensive questionnaire? Nike Franke
Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF): Parent-teacher agreement in a sample of 9-year old children who were born at risk of hypoglycaemia Nike Franke
Predicting academic success in middle childhood Nike Franke
The effects of additional protein on executive functions in 2-year old children Nike Franke
Anaerobic culture and characterisation of gut bacterial strains Tommi Vatanen
In women with gestational diabetes do their dietary and exercise patterns change from diagnosis in mid pregnancy to later in pregnancy? Caroline Crowther
Effect of prophylactic dextrose gel on the infant gut microbiome Tommi Vatanen
Fetal growth restriction and preterm birth in Congenital heart disease: impact on survival Frank Bloomfield
Growth in extremely preterm babies and neurodevelopment outcomes: does the growth chart matter? Frank Bloomfield
Incidence of diabetic ketoacidosis and how it affects later metabolic control Ben Albert
Exploring the human breastmilk metabolome Chris Pook
What do families want to know about outcomes after trials of new treatments in pregnancy and the newborn? Jane Harding