Pastoral Care at University of Auckland accommodation

The pastoral care of our students, including those in University accommodation, is our priority.

The University of Auckland has four Halls of Residence for first year students that are all run by Campus Life, a division of the University. After the first year we also offer accommodation in student flats and apartments that allow for more independent living; University-provided pastoral care is in all of our accommodation regardless of the ownership model.

All pastoral care providers in University accommodation are employees of the University and are police vetted. And because accommodation is a University-provided service it is fully integrated in to University systems (e.g. CCTV monitored by University Security).

The Pastoral care team includes professional staff and trained student peer advisors (Resident Advisors – RAs). Every hall/residence has a resident manager. The hall/residences are divided into two areas and each area has a Manager.

Every hall and residence has RAs who live in the accommodation with the students. These are peer advisers (University students) who have been trained for the role. They are responsible for/offer first line pastoral care to a select number of residents (varies based on the type and design of the hall/residence.) Their primary role is to know their students, identify, triage, support and refer on to professional member of staff or service as required. For first year halls the University uses a planning ratio of 1 RA for every 35 first-year students.

University Accommodation does not operate in isolation, it operates as part of a much wider student support ecosystem, integrated with our University Health & Counselling team, Equity Office, Safety and Security and faculty student support and engagement teams. We also work with community agents to support students in need.

We take a holistic approach focused on the students and helping them become independent learners. Ensuring physical and mental safety is a primary component in creating a safe environment for students to grow into their full potential. Building a community of students who know and care about each other and understand the support available to them and who are the providers of the support is critical to the success of pastoral care. Our accommodation team uses a wellbeing framework to guide the learning objectives we have for students in accommodation.

Pastoral Care at the University of Auckland includes:

  • Safety of our residents
  • Wellbeing of our residents
  • 24 hour on-call system to support our residents
  • Developing life skills for our residents (academic study skills, budgeting, cooking etc.)
  • Making connections to University support systems
  • Making connections to external support systems
  • Knowing the residents (RAs &  Coordinators know who lives in the hall and who might be requiring additional assistance. RAs live with our residents, are present and know every student in their care)