Requirements for coming on to campus

Reviewed 31 May 2022

Do NOT come on to campus if...

You have a fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss or change in sense of taste or smell – however mild.

Mask use on campus

You are expected to wear a face mask in indoor settings where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, including lectures and other teaching spaces, bathrooms and lifts.

Make sure you know about Mask use on campus.

Covid-19 vaccination

The vast majority of students, staff and visitors do not need a My Vaccine Pass when coming on our campuses, or taking part in face-to-face University-managed activities.

There are some University activities where Government vaccine mandates still apply:


Staff and students who also work with the District Health Boards or in our clinics will still need to be vaccinated (and boosted). This applies mainly to the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Campus Life and the Liggins Institute, although it will include some people in the Faculty of Science, Auckland Bioengineering Institute and UniServices.

Border workers

Some staff working in our laboratories on Covid-19 research are classed as border workers.

Aged care

This applies mainly to staff and students at the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

In addition

The University has identified a second category of activities that sit outside the Government mandates but may still need to be done by vaccinated staff and students, notably where there is interaction with vulnerable people. These include research involving vulnerable participants, staff working within our student disability and counselling services, early childhood centres and student accommodation. These exceptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and affected staff and students will be notified of the outcome.

University Vaccination Declaration Portal

Our vaccination declaration portal allows those who still need to be vaccinated to carry out specified University activities to upload their vaccination information using the Government’s My Vaccine Pass.

When you access it you will be provided with the following options: 

  • I want to verify My Vaccine Pass 
  • I do not want to disclose
  • I do not have a My Vaccine Pass. 

Your information can be updated on the portal if your circumstances change, however the most recent update is the one used. Your data is stored securely by the University and access to it is highly restricted. 

If you need help with the portal, please contact the following services:

For staff

For students and visitors

Contact tracing on campus

In line with the changes to the COVID-19 Protection Framework that came into effect on 25 March, use of the NZ COVID Tracer app while on campus is no longer required.

QR codes will continue to be available throughout our campuses, for those who wish to use them.

If you spot a poster that needs replacing or changing, or an area that requires a QR Code, please let us know at

For more information on the NZ COVID Tracer app and how to turn on Bluetooth, refer to the Government’s NZ COVID Tracer app page.