Private accommodation costs

It is important to be aware of the costs that you can expect to pay when staying in private accommodation.

Rent in Auckland

The approximate cost of rent in Auckalnd is $190-$316 a week.

This figure is based on the price of one bedroom in a shared house/flat/apartment (including the tenant’s share of the space shared between flatmates, e.g.: bathroom, lounge, kitchen).

For a private studio/apartment, rent would start at $370.

Note that the distance between your flat/apartment and the City Campus could affect rent prices. Take the time to consider the cost of rent alongside the cost of your transport when choosing where you would like to live.

For more information on suburbs in Auckland and living costs, check out our Living in Auckland guide.

Please note: These costs are approximate, and were set in August 2018. All prices are quotes in NZD.

Upfront costs

You (and any of your flatmates) will have to pay some (or all) of the costs listed below upon signing a lease or tenancy agreement.

Rent in advance (up to 2 weeks)

Some tenancy agreements may specify that rent should be paid in advance.
This may add to the upfront costs of moving into private accommodation.


Bond is money that a landlord can ask a tenant to pay before they move in. It is like a security deposit and can legally be a maximum of four weeks’ rent.

To view or print a copy of the bond lodgement or refund form visit:

Letting fee

A letting fee may be charged if you arranging a tenancy agreement with an agency. This can be equal to a week’s rent + GST.