External accommodation options

External accommodation offers independence as well as responsibility.

There is a wide range of external accommodation options available to you in Auckland. Below we have summarised some different types of private accommodation available to you along with some pros and cons for each.

Types of private accommodation

Renting a studio or one-bedroom apartment

If you prefer to live alone or as a couple, a studio or one-bedroom apartment is your best option.
You will have to pay for your own electricity, internet and sometimes water. Check photos carefully, as sometimes a listing for a one-bedroom apartment is actually a studio.

Flatting in Auckland

Flat sharing or 'flatting'

A cheaper option than renting your own apartment or house is to share private accommodation with other people. This could be an apartment in central Auckland or a house in the outer suburbs. Sharing a place or ‘flatting’ involves having a private bedroom and sharing the kitchen, bathroom and lounge/dining areas. You also share other costs such as electricity, internet and water.

If you already know of others looking at flatting, you can look for 2+ bedroom apartment or house together. Read advertisements carefully as the price quoted is generally for rent only and electricity, internet and water are extra.

Alternatively, you can search for ‘flatmates wanted’ advertisements to find a person or group who have a flat already established and are looking for someone to fill one bedroom.

When choosing between a house in the suburbs or a city apartment, remember that houses in the suburbs are mostly unfurnished, and you will need to organise your own electricity and internet. 

Water accounts are set up under the legal property owner’s name, and if there is a separate water meter on the property, the tenants will usually receive a monthly invoice. Tenants are responsible for payment of water usage plus wastewater charges. Landlords are responsible for the  fixed wastewater charge.

Hostel facilities

Similar to a dormitory-style student residence, you can rent a lockable room that provides a bed, small fridge, desk and chair, wardrobe and sometimes your own bathroom (bathrooms are often shared, however). Utilities such as laundry, kitchen and living are shared. There are a number of these in varying sizes and prices, and they usually include electricity and water. You will have to pay for internet and laundry yourself.

Homestay and host families

There is also the option of staying with a host family. Generally a bedroom is offered, furnished with a bed plus bedding, a desk, chair, reading lamp, heater (for use in winter only) and should include electricity, water, and internet. The room rate usually includes a self-service breakfast (food items supplied) and an evening meal. Students share the family bathroom and kitchen. The minimum stay is 2-4 weeks.

Find out more information about external accommodation and the pros and cons of different accommodation options with our Living in Auckland guide.