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Tenancy advice

Tenancy Services
Tenancy Services, part of the MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment), is an exceptional government agency offering advisory, mediation and tribunal services.

They’re an excellent source of information on legal advice, landlord responsibilities, tenants responsibilities, checklists, blank tenancy and flatmate agreements, bonds and other forms.

Check out their resources webpage for more informative videos and other helpful content:

If you have questions, you can call their 0800 TENANCY number.

Budgetary help and advice

University financial support
Check out financial advice provided by the University

Your independent money guide.

New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services
We’re a network of budgeting services around New Zealand.

Find out if you are eligible for accommodation support from Studylink.

Citizens' Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides a free and confidential service to the community. Some of the specialist services offered include:

Budgeting, finance and tax services

In a number of locations CAB provides a budget service which can help you with managing your personal finances, including income support and benefits.

JP Services

A JP can witness documents such as applications for citizenship, and they can take declarations, affidavits or affirmations. If you need a ‘certified copy’ of a document then a JP can help you. Most of our bureaux have volunteers who are JPs and most bureaux offer a ‘JP Clinic’.

Legal services

CAB recognises that individuals can experience difficulty in accessing legal services that are free of charge. Most CABs work with local legal practitioners to ensure you have access to legal information, assistance and advice.

Specialist welfare / beneficiary clinics ensure that people are receiving their full entitlements. Some bureaux also have specialist finance and tax clinics where trained and qualified practitioners are available.

Emergency food assistance

Most CABs have close relationships with their local food bank, or emergency food parcel provider and can help you access the provider in your community.

Consumer services

Some bureau provide specialist advice in relation to consumer issues, such as cancelling contracts, buying and selling cars and other products and services, loans, being a guarantor, scams and misrepresentation.

Employment services

Check with your local CAB to see if they can help you with specialist advice on employment issues. Some have clinics that can help you with CV writing, careers counselling and interview preparation.


AUSA can also provide students with support and offer services such as an emergency foodbank and student advocacy. Find out about the AUSA hardship grant.