Accommodation Feedback Process

Comments, compliments and complaint management in Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation.

We are always committed to providing you with the highest quality service and continual improvement in best practices that relate to student accommodation. We want you to be satisfied and feel supported with our service and we want to know what you think about us. We are also focused on being complaint with all legislative frameworks that apply to Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve, or believe we have breached any standards, then please tell us. If you’re happy about any part of our service, we’d like to hear about that too!

Occasionally things can go wrong. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, then please do let us know. We take complaints very seriously and will deal with them as quickly as possible. We want to improve our services by building on our successes and learning from our mistakes.

Accommodation Compliment and Comment Management:

Ngā Wharenoho welcomes all compliments and general comments on our service.
When compliments and/or comments are received the staff member who receives it will pass it onto the team or individual that it is about. Our staff will be celebrated for their successes.

How to provide and compliment or comment:

It is hoped that most compliments and comments can be provided informally directly to the member of staff or team involved. If you would like to email through your feedback you can email, or the individual team/residence.  

Accommodation Complaint Management: 

All complaints received are taken very seriously and will be dealt with immediately where possible. We empower all Ngā Wharenoho kaimahi | Accommodation staff and our partners to attempt to resolve most complaints. If your complaint cannot be resolved at this stage, it will be forwarded to a senior member of the Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation Leadership team.

When investigating a complaint, a staff member will:

  • gather and analyse all relevant information, clarifying any confusion
    which may have occurred
  • decide on appropriate action to resolve the complaint
  • where possible discuss the issue with the member in an informal setting
  • when necessary regularly update the student on progress of an
    investigation until the matter is finalised/resolved
  • Report back/up to any related Government body or their delegated agency

How to make a complaint:

It is hoped that most issues can be resolved directly with the member of staff or team concerned. If your issue relates to hall/residence matters (such as pastoral care, events, cleaning, catering or maintenance issues), please contact your Poutaki Wharenoho | Resident Manager in the first instance. Should you have concerns relating to our application process or external accommodation advisory please see the Poutaki Take Wharenoho | Manager Accommodation Solutions.

If you are still unsatisfied If you are unable to resolve your issue informally, you should contact the Urumatua Whakahaere - Wharenoho | Head of Operations (Tara Baker, so they have a chance to put things right.

Thereafter, if you are still not satisfied with how your issue has been handled, you can lodge a complaint.

You can report any complaints or possible breaches of the code of practice for pastoral care by completing the form below:

Please note that Accommodation | Ngā Wharenoho is required to keep a log of all complaints/breach of the code of practice for pastoral care. 

Further information:

For further information you can refer to the below:

University of Auckland:

Ture Wharenoho | Residential Rules

University of Auckland Code of Conduct

University of Auckland Bullying, Complaints Dispute Resolution

Complaint or feedback on University service delivery

Resolution of Student Academic Complaints and Disputes Statute

Codes of Practice for Pastoral care:

Code of Practice for the Pastoral care of Domestic students  

Code of Practice for the Pastoral care of International students  

Accommodation complaints process flowchart