Group fitness timetable

We have a a wide variety of group fitness classes, free for members. No booking required. They’re run on a first-in, first-served basis. For a full description of all of the group fitness classes we have to offer, head on over to the group fitness page.

Group Fitness timetable


Time Class Instructor Location
12.05-12.50pm Pump Matt Aerobic Studio
1.05-1.50pm Yoga Chris Aerobic Studio
3.15-4.00pm Barre Lisa Dance Studio
4.15-5.00pm XFit Samantha Aerobic Studio
5.20-6.15pm Zumba Kate Sports Hall
5.20-6.15pm Pump Alain Aerobic Studio
5.30-6.15pm Spin Chris Spin Studio
6.30-6.25pm Yoga Chris Aerobic Studio


Time Class Instructor Location
6.30-7.15am Power Pilates Kaya Dance Studio
7.20-8.05am X-Fit Samantha Dance Studio
9.05-9.50am Retro Aerobics Lisa Aerobic Studio
12.05-1.00pm Yoga-lates Samantha Aerobic Studio
12.15-1.00pm Barre Fit Lisa Dance Studio
1.05-1.50pm Pump Kristy Aerobic Studio
4.15-5.00pm Yoga Samantha Aerobic Studio
5.20-6.05pm Kickbox Sian Aerobic Studio
5.30-6.15pm Spin Mike Spin Studio
6.30-7.25pm Pump Chris Aerobic Studio


Time Class Instructor Location
7.20-8.05am Spin Matt Spin Studio
9.05-9.35am  Core Kelly Aerobic Studio
12.05-1.00pm Yoga Chrissie Aerobic Studio
12.15-1.00pm Dance Fit + Core Alondra Dance Studio
1.05-1.50pm HIIT & Core Kaya Aerobic Studio
4.15-5.00pm Pump Kelly Aerobic Studio
5.20-6.15pm Zumba Alondra Sports Hall
5.20-6.10pm AB&T Chris Aerobic Studio
5.30-6.15pm Spin Albert Spin Studio
6.30-7.15pm Kickbox KP Aerobic Studio


Time Class Instructor Location
6.30-7.15am Power Up Kaya Dance Studio
7.20-8.05am Pump Matt Aerobic Studio
9.05-9.50am Barre-lates (*NEW*) Janete Aerobic Studio
12.05-12.50pm HIIT & Stretch Alan Aerobic Studio
12.15-12.50pm Spin Tanya Spin Studio
1.05-1.50pm Pilates Ingrid Aerobic Studio
4.15-4.50pm Stretch and Roll Lisa Dance Studio
5.05-5.50pm Barre Fit Lisa Dance Studio
5.20-6.15pm Pump Alain Aerobic Studio
6.30-7.25pm Yoga Frank Aerobic Studio


Time Class Instructor Location
7.20-8.05am Spin Matt Spin Studio
12.05-1.00pm Pump Ella Aerobic Studio
1.05-1.50pm Step Ella Aerobic Studio
3.15-4.00pm ABT Kaya Aerobic Studio
4.15-5.00pm Yoga Chris Aerobic Studio
5.20-6.10pm Dance Fit Chris Sports Hall
5.20-6.05pm X-Fit Tom Aerobic Studio


Time Class Instructor Location
8.30-9.25am Pump Kristy Aerobic Studio
9.30-10.25am Zumba Alondra Aerobic Studio


Time Class Instructor Location
9.30-10.25am Yoga-lates Gaby Aerobic Studio

We also offer a range of small group training classes each week as well as seasonal dance and exclusive fitness programmes.
These programmes have regisration fee's which vary across each programme. Registration is online and limited numbers apply.

More information on small group training classes and dance programmes.

Fitness on Demand

We like to provide options to suit everyone’s fitness needs and timetables.

On-demand audio-visual fitness classes beam a range of strength training, flexibility and cardio workouts from our big screen with a pumping sound track to keep you motivated. The workouts are updated every four weeks so they'll never get old.

Join one of the scheduled virtual classes or use in your own time between classes.

Select a workout of choice from the virtual kiosk - if you need any help, ask one of the staff at Reception.

Making the best of your workout

  • Select a class you feel suits you
  • Take it easy the first time to get familiar with class content and movements. Get descriptive information about our group fitness classes. Remember to bring a towel and a drink bottle to each class
  • Be persistent and don't overdo it
  • Remember technique and execution is important, especially with the Pump class
  • Cross-training is a good way to improve your strength and stamina
  • Try different styles and include resistance training in your weekly programme
  • Commit to a few classes to get used to the techniques and enjoy the benefits

Please note: Some classes have limited participation, we suggest you turn up early to secure a spot for these classes. If classes don’t meet their numbers they may be withdrawn from the timetable. If you enjoy a class, please attend regularly and encourage your friends to come along with you.


We welcome feedback.

  • Talk to your instructor after class or email them:
  • We have feedback boxes in our main studios so please feel free to leave an anonymous message in the box.