Interim Facility Frequently Asked Questions

Membership and Pricing

Q. Will my membership be the same price?

A. We plan to provide a like-for-like level facility and level of service so we anticipate that memberships will be in the same range as they currently are.

Q. Will memberships be available for everybody to purchase or just University of Auckland Students?

A. We will continue to offer memberships to everybody who wishes to join which, includes students (UoA and non-UoA), staff, alumni and community members. 

Q. Will you shut down at all? And if you do, will my membership be frozen for this time?

A. We intend on keeping disruption to our services to an absolute minimum; however, we do anticipate a brief shut down period while we move to our new location. We will contact all members to let you know what will happen with your membership during this period.

Q. Will your opening hours be the same?

A. We are currently working through our operational planning and we are open to input from our members around opening hours. 

Equipment and Facilities

Q. What sort of equipment will you have at the new location? Will it be the same as the current gym or new equipment?

A. We plan to bring as much of our current equipment to the new facility as possible. We are working with our equipment suppliers to identify the best layout of equipment and identify any machines that need replacing.

Q. Will there be a good functional training zone?

A. Yes! We will have a great open area for functional training, which includes a long turf section, plenty of boxes, bags and free weights, as well as a functional boxing rig.

Q. Will there be a rock climbing wall and squash courts?

A. No, unfortunately these are two services we will be unable to cater for in our temporary facilities.

Q. How will the equipment be laid out? Are we able to see the floorplan before we sign up?

A. The gym will be much more open plan than our current one, with a lot less small rooms! We will have equipment plans available for members to see before we open.

Q. Will there be a women’s only area?

A. We will have a low impact circuit area on a different level to the main gym floor, which will be ideal for women who want more privacy and a quieter place to train.

Group Fitness

Q. Will there be the same number of classes?

A. Yes! We will have an aerobics studio, which is an equivalent size to our current studio. There will also be a separate bike studio for spin and a mind body studio so we can offer a comprehensive class timetable.

Q. Will the type of classes be the same?

A. Yes! We endeavour to keep all of your favourite classes, but some may change depending on demand, facility and instructor availability.

Q. How big is the spin studio?

A. The spin studio will house 25 bikes.

Sports Courts and Dance Studio

Q. Will there be sports courts available for members to use?

A. For Semester One, 2020 we will continue to operate from our existing sports courts on Symonds Street. We are working to create a solution for our interim sports facility and aim to offer a court that is an equivalent size to our current one, at another location on campus. More information on this will be released soon. The courts will not be attached to our fitness centre, but will be a short walk away.

Q. Will there be a dance studio?

A. There will not be a dedicated dance studio at the interim facility; however, we are working closely with faculties to ensure our members retain access to an equivalent studio on campus. More information on this will be released soon.


If you have any further questions around our interim facility, please email