2018 Tertiary sport schedule

The University of Auckland is excited to be participating in several events across New Zealand in 2018.

AUT, Waikato University, Victoria University, Otago University, Lincoln University, Massey University and The University of Canterbury will all send their top teams to these events.

Our teams will be selected via trials and the top athletes will represent the University of Auckland.

Semester 1

Sport Gender Date Location Registration
Rugby Sevens Women's 4 February Hamilton Open
Basketball (3 x 3) Men's and Women's 8 April Christchurch Open
Futsal Men's and Women's 13-15 April Christchurch Open
Table Tennis Men's and Women's 5 May Auckland Open
Badminton Mixed 2-3 June Wellington Open

Semester 2

Sport Gender Date Location Registration
Hockey Men's and Women's 6-8 July Auckland Open
Volleyball Men's and Women's 21-22 July Wellington Open
Basketball Men's and Women's 21-23 September Auckland Open
Netball Women's 22-23 September Auckland Open

2017 University of Auckland results

The University of Auckland placed first overall in 2017.

  • Badminton, Mixed - 1st
  • Basketball, Men's – 4th 
  • Basketball, Women's – 3rd 
  • Basketball, Men's 3x3 – 2nd 
  • Basketball, Women's 3x3 – 6th 
  • Futsal, Men's – 1st 
  • Futsal, Women's - 2nd
  • Hockey, Men's – 2nd 
  • Hockey, Women's – 2nd 
  • Netball, Women's – 2nd 
  • Rugby 7's, Women – 7th 
  • Table Tennis, Men's - 1st
  • Table Tennis, Women's - 1st
  • Volleyball, Men's – 1st 
  • Volleyball, Women's – 2nd