Auckland University Medical Students' Association (AUMSA)

Elected and governed by the student body of the medical school, AUMSA, the Auckland University Medical Students' Association, exists to represent and act in the interests of Auckland medical students. From the little things to the bigger picture, we work to make your life that much easier.

Each year, the association brings numerous social, sporting, welfare, arts and educational events, such as the annual Medical School ball, parties, BBQs, staff-student debates, inter-faculty sporting tournaments, Grafton welfare week, information seminars and medical symposiums. What's more, they work closely with the faculty to improve the medical curriculum and voice the concerns of the student body on both a local and national level. In addition, for your viewing pleasure, they publish the notorious medical school magazine - (ND) New Doctor.

As a member, you will have access to and receive discounts on the aforementioned events but also get the opportunity to apply for academic travel funds, meet wizened students, and more!