Creative Arts and Industries Student Association

Creative Arts and Industries Students' Association, or CAISA, is a voluntary, student-run association at the University of Auckland.

The Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries consists of the following schools:

  • School of Architecture 
  • School of Urban Planning
  • Department of Dance Studies
  • ELAM School of Fine Arts
  • School of Music

CAISA aims to voice the opinion of students in Creative Arts and Industries and bring together students from all Creative Arts and Industries schools for social and educational collaboration.

CAISA aims to make life for its students as exciting as possible by running events (with free food) and throwing in some gift cards through competitions - and it's free to join.

CAISA is also the bridge between the students and the University - if you have something in mind that can help with your studies, or any issues you have regarding your studies, the association will be happy to help.