UMNO Auckland

UMNO Auckland Club (AUC), likes to think of ourselves as a welfare organization that goes (way) beyond political preference, race, and even nationality. Our track record says it all. Since AUC was first established, it has been contributing towards the Malaysian community in Auckland. Recently, we managed to extend our contribution outside of the community. Strings of achievements in previous years have shaped the club incredibly. So, we are aiming to go further in 2015!

We believe that creating great leaders are best cultured bottoms-up. To be part of the community as a whole, to contribute, and to serve regardless. We believe that the values that we instill into our organization have made AUC a step ahead of others. Creating lifelong leaders that take pleasure into serving and contributing.

Our mission:

  • To ensure the welfare of Malaysian undergraduates are taken care of throughout their studying term in New Zealand.​
  • To foster close ties between Malaysian students and the locals.​
  • To expose students to social, voluntary and spiritual activities.​
  • To strengthen the relationship between Malaysians coming from diverse cultures and beliefs.