University’s Estate Strategy 2021-2030

The University’s draft Estate Strategy 2021-2030.

Te Rautaki Tūāpapa - Engagement Opportunity

Te Rautaki Tūāpapa is the inaugural University of Auckland Estate Strategy 2021-2030. The Estate Strategy will provide a cohesive, future-focused and coordinated approach to investment in, and management of, our physical environment across all University locations.

Te Rautaki Tūāpapa, context and background

Te Rautaki Tūāpapa is our inaugural University of Auckland Estate Strategy 2021-2030. An Estate Strategy is required to provide a cohesive, future-focussed and coordinated approach to investment in, and management of, our physical environment throughout the University estate.

The starting point for Te Rautaki Tūāpapa is the overarching University strategy, Taumata Teitei. The Estate Strategy enables the transformational initiatives of Taumata Teitei, all of which use and depend upon the resources of the physical estate. The Estate Strategy will shape the future physical environment for learning, teaching, socialising, collaboration, engagement, and research. The estate comprises our campuses, research reserves, buildings, interstitial spaces, and outdoor environments.

The name Te Rautaki Tūāpapa has been gifted to us by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and links to the emerging Waipapa Framework. The use of Tūāpapa, as the foundation, is expressing the Estate as a bedrock, a strong launchpad from which to extend. It speaks also of longevity, acknowledging provenance while planning for the future.

Engagement approach

We have been co-creating an Estate Strategy with our stakeholder communities since January 2021, which has culminated in our first draft, presented here for your engagement.

We have attended or hosted approximately 40 forums involving all faculties, service divisions, and Large-Scale Research Institutes. We have also consulted with the Rūnanga, presented at the Vice-Chancellor’s all-staff forum, and spoken with the Student Consultative Group. The level of engagement has been extensive, positive and productive. We have worked with colleagues drafting related strategies, such as the University of Auckland Digital Strategy and Whakamana Tangata, to ensure that there is alignment and convergence to enable the strategic portfolios of Taumata Teitei.

The first draft of Te Rautaki Tūāpapa was tabled at Council on 14 June 2021.  Feedback was received from staff, students, and external parties with a final version produced in October 2021.