Johnnie Wang

Junyi (Johnnie) Wang will represent students on the University Council in 2021.

Junyi (Johnnie) Wang won the electoral race for student representative on
the University Council. 

Johnnie's campaign pitch

Tēnā Koutou, Ko Johnnie tōku ingoa! My name is Junyi (Johnnie) Wang, a PhD student of Accounting at the Business School. I am standing for this position because I want to continue my honourable career to ensure a smart, strong, caring, and impartial voice (YOUR voice!) can be heard by the University of Auckland's strategic decision-makers.

Having completed my Bachelors and Masters degree here, I obtained the Business School Dean's Doctoral Scholarship to continue my PhD studies, this year being my seventh studying at the University of Auckland. I have had an extensive career within the Business School; first as an international student studying towards a Bachelors degree in Finance and Marketing, later a Masters degree with first-class honours in Finance, and my current PhD studies in Accounting. These broad experiences have provided me exposure to many types of student roles at the university from undergraduate to postgraduate.

During my time at the university, I have developed profound feelings towards our university and those experiences have enabled me to obtain a greater and more in-depth understanding of the REAL NEEDS of students and areas of development and strategies to address issues identified. I believe my expertise in marketing, finance, and accounting has been and will continue to be beneficial in helping the University grow strongly, effectively and safely.

Aside from my role as a student, I was a graduate teaching assistant, tutoring finance and accounting courses. Experiencing the education system as both a student and teacher has provided me with a balanced holistic view. With this in mind, I will be committed to improving teaching quality and learning efficiency. During my term of office in 2020S1, I kept collecting students' feedback from over thousand students and put forward suggestions to the university management team for improvement, helped the university to improve the quality of online courses, and promoted policies such as Grade Scale Up and 24-hour Final Assessments window, which have won rave reviews.

As a researcher, my research interests are in the areas of sustainability accounting and corporate social responsibility, which align with the University's sustainable development planning and UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore I have paid more attention to the health, safety & wellbeing of students, charitable programmes, as well as environmental protection than others during my current term of office. I have also been committed to promoting sustainable development and sustainability accounting information disclosure in New Zealand Universities over the past years. And I am delighted to see that Our University is ranked No. 1 worldwide in The Impact Rankings, which measure how universities are performing against the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

As the first international student in NZ to sit on a University Council, I always believe promoting the internationalisation and diversification of the university is very important. In order to help those offshore students who are the most severely affected by the epidemic, I sought for their interests in various ways, asking the university to provide and improve remote learning and psychological counselling support, as well as speaking and negotiating with University and Government for affected students. Moreover, I am also aware that the support of students on campus is just as critical. As a result, I have made concerted efforts to improve our students' campus experience and the university’s wellbeing services. During this epidemic, I have paid close attention to the establishment of the Covid-19 Hardship Fund, making sure the support was put in place to help struggling students to pay the rent, bills, or other necessary supplies for studies.

Being a competent student representative and making some real changes in such an enormous academic system is very difficult, especially at such an unusual time. Please continue to vote for me, a capable, experienced, passionate and genuinely dedicated 7-year UoA student as your student representative.