Junyi (Johnnie) Wang

Junyi (Johnnie) Wang will represent students on the University of Auckland Council in 2020.

Junyi Wang is the Student Representative on the University Council

Junyi (Johnnie) Wang won the electoral race for the student representative seat on the student council. Read his election pitch below.

Junyi's campaign pitch

My name is Junyi (Johnnie) Wang, a PhD student in Accounting at the Business School. I am standing for this position because I want to ensure a smart, strong, caring, and impartial voice can be heard by The University of Auckland’s strategical decision-makers.

Having completed my Bachelors and Masters degree here, I obtained the Business School Dean's Doctoral Scholarship to continue my PhD studies, being my SIXTH year studying at the University of Auckland. During my time at the University, I have developed profound feelings towards our university, and have become very familiar with the operations of the University in various areas, including teaching and research, community understanding and diversity.

My broad background as an international student with a Bachelors degree in finance and marketing, a Masters degree with first-class honours in finance and PhD in accounting has provided me exposure to possibly all types of student roles at the university from undergraduate to postgraduate. In addition, my unique experience starting at English Language Academy of UoA provides me even further insight on a greater group of students at the University. Those experiences have enabled me to obtain a greater and more in-depth understanding of the real needs of students and areas of development and strategies to address any issues identified. One specific observation in relation to the administrative and student services system which I propose to improve is to enhance the operative efficiency of Ask Auckland and reduce the queue time.

Aside from my role as a student, I am also an academic casual staff and will be a graduate teaching assistant. Both of the learning-side and teaching-side experience provide me with a balanced consensus view. So I have the ability and will be committed to improving teaching quality and learning efficiency.

As a researcher, my research interests are in the area of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance, which aligns with the university’s sustainable development planning. Therefore, I would pay more attention to the health, safety & wellbeing of students, charitable programmes, as well as environmental protection. In addition, the student representative will also be a member of the University Finance Committee, I believe my expertise in finance, accounting and corporate governance will be beneficial in helping the university growth strongly, effectively and safely.

With a marketing background, I believe promoting the internationalisation and diversification of the university is very important. Outside of university, I founded a study-abroad consulting company, and have helped numbers of young students apply for top universities around the world. I have seen the excellent movement of top universities and explored the reasons and characteristics which allow an University to excel. At the same time, I have also spared no effort to keep promoting my alma mater. As early as 2013, I participated in the marketing campaign of the New Oriental Company (The largest English education & overseas study consulting company in China) for the University of Auckland. Such off-campus experience makes me more diverse and a good fit for the university’s multi-disciplinary environment and allow me to bring some strategic and creative advice to the council, especially in marketing, public relations and international student recruitment. If I am elected, my election of an international student involvement itself would be the most potent proof and signal of the university’s diversity, inclusiveness and embracing.

Being a student at the top university in NZ is never easy; it is as difficult as making some real changes in such an enormous academic kingdom. Please vote for me, a capable, experienced, passionate and genuinely dedicated 6-year UoA student as representative.