What's happened: AUT vs. UOA Challenge

UoA makes a clean sweep over AUT and remains the holders of the O'Week Challenge shield.

Game results


Women's 7-2 UoA
Men's 5-4 UoA


Women's 74-25 UoA
Men's 65-32 UoA


Women's 25-21 UoA
Men's 25-20 UoA

O' Week Challenge

We felt the school pride as we took on our fellow Aucklanders in futsal, basketball and volleyball.

AUT and UOA will both compete in the New Zealand National Tertiary Competition throughout 2018 for the overall shield in ten different sports. The University of Auckland are the back to back holders of the shield and hope to reclaim the title again in 2018. The O' Week Challenge is a way for these athletes to prepare and showcase their talents and build the University's team moral. 

The University of Auckland won every sport this year at the O' Week Challenge and hope to bring this winning streak to the NZ Tertiary Competitions.