What's happened: The Powerlifting Event

Congrats to all of the competitors of this year's Powerlifting Event!

Event recap

The 28th annual UoA Powerlifting event was a chance for weightlifters to compete against each other and see who could win the title of UoA Powerlifting Champion.

The athletes completed their best squat, bench press and deadlift, aiming for the best total of all three lifts.

The point system was done by the WILKS formula, which is used to compare the strength of powerlifters against each other despite the difference in weight of the lifters. 

The event saw 27 total competitors with a total weight of 10.7 tonnes lifted over the day!

Congrats to the finalists:

Men's competition

1st place: John Roh
Best lifts (kg) :
Squat 200
Bench 150
Deadlift 280
Total Wilks points: 404.9

2nd place: Seongmin Paul Jun
Best lifts (kg) :
Squat 190
Bench 120
Deadlift 215
Total Wilks points: 349.4

3rd place: Chi-Yu Yang
Best lifts (kg) :
Squat 140
Bench 135
Deadlift 180
Total Wilks points: 332.4

Women's competition

1st place: Dana Ye-Lee (Bodyweight 51.6kg)
Best lifts (kg) : Squat 97.5 , Bench 55 and Deadlift 122.5
Total Wilks points: 344.8

2nd Place : Elsie Jacobson (70.9kg)
Best lifts (kg) :
Squat 112.5
Bench 57.5
Deadlift 137.5
Total Wilks points: 303.2

3rd place: Yasmeen Musa (60.6kg)
Best lifts (kg) :
Squat 95
Bench 52.5
Deadlift 105
Total Wilks points: 279.3