What's happened: Powerlifting event

Congrats to Ahmad Hariz and Catherine Shon on winning the University's annual Powerlifting event.

Event details

The 27th annual UOA Powerlifting event was filled with energy and intensity between the best weight-lifters at the University.

The competition saw 30 athletes complete their best squat, bench press and deadlift, aiming for the best total of all three lifts.

The point system was done by the WILKS formula, which is used to compare the strength of powerlifters against each other despite the difference in weight of the lifters. 

For the men's competition, Ahmad Hariz took first place with 397 points followed by Connor Stanfield in second with 395 points, and David Yu in third with 366 points.

For the women's, first place was taken by Catherine Shon with 402 points, Kimberly Ong in second with 299 points, and Traleenah Bentley in third with 258 points.