Powerlifting Event

Congratulations to all participants who competed in this year's Powerlifting Event!

Ollie Kannangara
Ollie Kannangara

Event recap

 The 29th annual Powerlifting event was a chance for weightlifters to compete against each other and see who could win the title of UoA Powerlifting Champion.

The athletes completed their best squat, bench press and deadlift, aiming for the best total of all three lifts.

The point system was done by the WILKS formula, which is used to compare the strength of powerlifters against each other despite the difference in weight of the lifters.

This event saw a total of 17 participants compete. Official results are below.

Placing Name Squat Bench Press Deadlift Total
1st - women's Annah McPherson  120kgs 67.5kgs 140kgs 327.5kg
2nd - women's Carlee Johnson 62.5kgs 45kgs 100kgs 207.5
1st - men's Ollie Kannangara 197.5kgs 130kgs 245kgs 572.5kgs
2nd - men's Yu Le Kong-Lim 197.5kgs 100kgs 212.5kgs 510kgs
3rd- men's Fan Zhang 160kgs 105kgs 190kgs 455kgs