Random Acts of Kindness Bingo

Join our week long celebration of Random Acts of Kindness day by playing bingo!

Monday 17 February is Random Acts of Kindness day – a day the world turns kind. However, here at UoA we believe kindness should be more than a one off thing, which is why we are holding a week long bingo game!

The Student Wellbeing Team wants to encourage and promote six kindness principles (that the RAK Foundation promotes). These principles are:

  • Respect - treating people, places, and things with kindness
  • Caring – feeling and showing concern for others
  • Inclusiveness – including others, and welcoming them with open arms
  • Integrity – acting in a way you know to be right
  • Responsibility – being reliable, and doing the things that are expected or required of you
  • Courage – being brave when facing new or difficult circumstances

How to play

Select a RAK bingo card and print out, or use online. Spend your week doing nice things, random or otherwise, and tick things off your sheet. Easy!

Share your progress on social media using the hashtags #BeWell or #RAOK.

Have fun everyone.