Stress Less Week

The University and AUSA present Stress Less Week from Tuesday 24 to Friday 27 October!

Stress Less Week is an opportunity for students to start the study season on a chilled out note. It's very easy to get over-worked and over-stressed in the exam period, so we want to kick it off with wellbeing in mind. For the latest updates check out the Stress Less Week Facebook event.

Stress Less Week schedule

Chill-out zone
Tuesday 24 - Thursday 26 October
Student Common Room, City Campus
Free breakfast, tea and coffee.

FREE yoga class
Wednesday 25 October
The Recreation Centre
Open to all members and non-members.

End of Daze - The Lawn
Friday 27 October
Student Quad & Shadows Bar

Study tips

The "forgetting curve"

After 24 hours, people forget 50-80 percent of the information they have learned. Avoid this by revisiting the material for ten minutes within that 24-hour window.

Past exam papers can be your friend! Practice answering past questions in the time you have allocated for your exam.

These wellbeing tips will help you the most in the short time you have to study. Be mindful that this is high stress, but short term. Try and compartmentalise your brain to focus on study over this time. If it is causing you major stress come and talk to someone at University Health and Counselling where professionals are always around to help.



  • Study buddy or study groups help you stay on track and also make you explain concepts verbally to other people - this helps with memory recall.
  • Don't over connect. Now is the time to say no to going out and doing everything your friends want to do. While it is important to be around people each day and connect with your friends, for the next few weeks study comes first.

Fuel your body

Snacks to improve brain power and energy:

  • Walnuts
  • Berries
  • Avocados
  • Dark chocolate

In place of coffee or energy drinks, try green tea for a boost of energy. Green tea contains theanine which helps ease anxiety.

For those of you under 20, it can take two weeks for your brain to return to normal function after a binge drinking session. If you're over 20 it takes up to 48 hours to return to normal. Now is the time to be drinking less alcohol in order to recover. 

Stay active

20 minutes of activity a day will help improve energy, mood and the brain's ability for memory recall.

Perhaps listen to a recorded lecture as you take a walk outside in the sunshine. Or take a mental break and join the Recreation Centre's free yoga class on Wednesday 25 October at 12.05pm.

Power off

  • Switch off distractions such as phones, TV and computer notifications while you are studying.
  • Start early so you are not falling asleep as you study.
  • Take breaks! Take ten minutes every 50 minutes to get outside or connect with other people.
  • On the night before your exam, make sure you get your 7-8 hours of sleep. Research has shown that those who do this have 20 times the memory recall than those who cram till the early hours of the morning.