Tour de Gym

Open to all Recreation Centre members and non-members!

Event details

Date: Monday 5 August - Tuesday 27 August
Location: Downstairs in the Recreation Centre

The Tour de France is an annual multi-stage cycling race that traverses the French countryside over 23 days. Started in 1903, the course covers 3,500 kilometres with 21 days of racing and milestones along the way.

The Tour de Gym mimics the race, but not to worry it is only 10% of the actual Tour de France! You can enter the race as an individual, pair or team. The race will start on Monday 5 August until Tuesday 27 August and will take place downstairs in the Rec Centre. Each leg will be done on the Watt Bikes, which gives a more realistic feel of riding an actual bike.

Registrations are $5 each and all proceeds are donated to the Cancer Society. This event is open to all members and non-members of the Recreation Centre. The winner of each category will be given a yellow jersey, just like the Tour de France winners! Spot prizes will also be given out at the end of the race.

This is a great event to push you to your limits and improve your cardio fitness. Just like the Tour de France, the Tour de Gym is completed over 23 days with only 2 rest days. As an individual the race can be quite a commitment, but as a team it can be a bit easier.

For regular updates, head to the Tour de Gym Facebook event page. 

Race details

Leg Distance Level
19km 1
2 3km 1
3 21km 3
4 21km 2
5 17km 3
6 16km 5
7 23km 1
8 20km 3
9 17km 3
10 21km 1
11 16km 1
12 20km 4
13 3km 2
14 11km 5
15 18km 4
16 17km 1
17 20km 3
18 20km 4
19 12km 5
20 13km 5
21 12km 2