What's happened: UMHD 2019

Students and staff gathered on Tuesday 7 May to share thoughts and ideas about the state of student mental health.

Students writing tips for wellbeing wall

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Wellbeing words of wisdom

The University asked students what they did to look after their mental health and the response was amazing! Here are some of the answers shared by members of the UoA community:

  • Study with positive people
  • Schedule your time so you can avoid text anxiety!
  • Take a break from staring at screens
  • Go out for a walk...shoot some photographs....watch Youtube
  • Pray, Exercise, Laugh
  • Create art
  • Talk to friends, have hot chocolate, go to church, go to therapy
  • Friends, Drinks, Party :)
  • Colouring in helps with patience
  • Bullet journal to keep my mind clear and organised
  • Write about how I'm feeling, then force myself to write something positive I can do.
  • I go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature, try it :)
  • Count to ten and take deep breaths
  • Sing and dance like crazy
  • Go to the gym
  • Hang out with family
  • Smile and laugh 

Video: Question time with Debra

Debra Lampshire enthralled the crowd at the Student Quad with her own personal story of dealing with poor mental health and crippling low self-esteem. You can listen to more of her inspiring story in the clip below.