Wellbeing groups

UHCS offers a range of wellbeing groups to help support you in achieving academic success. Here you’ll find information about the group sessions that we run.

Pasifika women's support group

The aim of this group is to provide support to Pasifika women, to enhance their wellbeing and help them navigate some of the challenges of juggling university life and balancing other commitments, for example, family, relationships, culture, church, community, etc. This is a confidential and safe space.

Facilitator: Sarah McRobie

Upcoming courses: Fridays 10am - 12pm

Six week course starting 3 August, excluding two weeks for Mid-semester break.

To register your interest for the Semester Two 2018 group, please complete our group registration.

Pause – An introduction to managing anxiety

This is a two-session psycho-educational and skills based group. You will learn about anxiety, and the impact anxiety can have on your thoughts, feelings, body, and behaviour. You will be introduced to strategies to help manage symptoms of anxiety, and will have the opportunity to practice these strategies between sessions. We will review the skills learned, and discuss what supported your practice, and any barriers you may have faced in implementing these new skills.

Facilitators: Luke van Helden

Upcoming courses: Wednesdays 1 - 3pm.

1 - 22 August, 12 September - 3 October

To register, please complete our group registration.

Mindfulness for academic success (MAS)

The MAS programme is aimed at improving academic performance and enhancing physical and psychological wellbeing. You will learn core mindfulness techniques to help lower stress and anxiety levels, improve concentration and memory, and overcome procrastination.

Facilitators: Daniel Farrant

Upcoming courses: Wednesdays 3 - 4.30pm, room 315:387.

Five week course starting 1 August.

To register your interest for the Semester Two 2018 group, please complete our group registration.

Social confidence group

Learn how to manage social anxiety, build up self-esteem and improve confidence in social situations.

Facilitator: Debbie Stewart

Upcoming courses: Tueadays 1 - 3 pm.

Tuesday 31 July - 9 October, excluding two weeks for Mid- semester break. 

To register, please complete our group registration.

Mood management group

This structured group will help you overcome depression and learn coping skills that focus on negative thinking patterns, reactivating your life and reaching goals that are important to you. Being in a small, supportive group helps reduce the isolation of depression and improves motivation.

Facilitator: Nancy Hampton

Upcoming courses: Thursdays 1 - 3pm.

Six week course starting 16 August, excluding two weeks for Mid-semester break.

To register your interest for the Semester Two 2018 group, please complete our group registration.

Introduction to intuitive eating: interrupting the diet/binge cycle

This group is designed for women who struggle with binge eating, emotional eating or eating past fullness. The group will explore some of the origins and impact of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours around food and body image. We will develop strategies with a focus on compassionate alternatives to dieting, eating past fullness and compensating. We will consider together the ideas of body trust and intuitive eating and will include meditative practice on these ideas each week.

Please feel free to ask your counsellor or doctor about this group.

Comment from a previous participant:

The information that was presented was all relatively new to me.  I liked the information that was presented to us because it reflected more of an alternative lifestyle with positive thinking and mindfulness, and it wasn’t based on quick fixes.  I really loved that it was about each individual's journey and relationship with themselves and with food, instead of focusing on what’s ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘healthy’ like many other resources and programs."

Please note that this group is in no way a dieting or weight control group.

Facilitators: Maree Burns and Kate Yeoman

Upcoming courses: Tuesdays 10am - 12pm.

31 July - 9 October, excluding two weeks for Mid-semester break.

Please register your interest as soon as possible for the Semester Two group. Please complete our group registration.

Support with the experience of losing a parent

Losing a parent in your 20s or younger is a traumatic event that can be overwhelming and isolating. The aim of this group is to support students who have experienced the death of a parent, by providing the opportunity to share their experiences with other young people who know exactly how they feel.  The group focuses on increasing strategies and enabling students to find a way of living with the loving memory of their parent while building new strengths and hope for the future.

Facilitator: David Sander

Upcoming courses: Mondays 1 - 3 pm.

Starts 30 July.

To register, please complete our group registration.

Rainbow men's group

Gay, trans, bi, queer, questioning +

Many factors separate and isolate men. The intention of this group is to bring men together so that they may develop a greater understanding about what other men may also be facing and how they may individually and collectively respond to challenges in their own lives. 

Facilitator: Luke van Helden

Upcoming courses: Thursdays 10am - 12pm

2 - 23 August, 13 - 27 September, 4 October.

To register, please complete our group registration.

Wellness group

Stay on top of your wellbeing throughout the semester, learning skills to help manage stress, study, and life in general. Each week we will focus on a different component of wellbeing that will assist you to stay on top of things as the semester starts to get more stressful.

This is a drop in group, so you can come to any of the sessions. However for best results, the more sessions, the more knowledge and skills you will gain.

Facilitators: Sarah Godsell and Tessa Sillifant

* This group is no longer running. Please see the wellbeing page and other Wellbeing Groups on offer for support. Sorry for the inconvenience.