Connect with others

The connections we make with other people help us feel well and help to manage stress.

In a University environment it can be easy to become disconnected from others around you, as you prioritise study ahead of social interactions.

However, connection with others is vitally important to our wellbeing.  It offers social interaction, stress relief,  extra support and a reason to take some time away from study (which is really important!). 

Tips to connect with others:

  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Remember a person’s name
  • Commit to spending time with people without distraction
  • Be present by paying attention and listening to the person you are with
  • Leave any judgement at the door and be genuinely interested in getting to know a person
  • Ask questions and be open about yourself in return
  • Stay connected to friends and family by following-up and making time for them

Tips for connecting at University: