Keep learning

Continuing to seek out the new and carry on learning can help us maintain a strong sense of wellbeing.

While you are at University, learning leads the way. You are exposed to new topics, theories, concepts and practices and, importantly, plenty of new experiences too!

But it is important to remember that learning is a life long journey, that doesn’t start and stop with your studies. Throughout life you will be faced with a raft of challenging and rewarding experiences that will provide you with the greatest opportunity to learn.

Reflection is a great way to learn from life's many ups and downs, helping you to stay well prepared for life's curve balls and generally improving your personal wellbeing. Check out the questions below and have a think about whether your current habits are working for you.

Reflecting on study habits

  • Do I plan ahead for assignments and tests, or do I leave it to the last minute and feel rushed and stressed?
  • Do I struggle to keep up with the reading materials? 
  • Can I read my notes when it is time to revise?
  • Do I feel that I never have any time to socialise?

If you have found this semester better than previous ones:

  • What has changed to make it that way? 
  • Do you feel more connected to others?
  • Have you reduced or increased your social/extra-curricular activities or responsibilities? 
  • Do you feel like you’ve grasped more of an in-depth knowledge of your subjects and the content is now falling into place? Has this feeling evolved over time as you are further into the course or did you attend or participate in something that aided this learning and knowledge?
  • Have you started to be kinder to yourself so that you no longer compare yourself to others, enabling you to be in a better space to be able to learn?

If things are consistently going well:

  • Great job, perhaps someone you know may benefit from learning from you, is there a way that you can help other people?


To better understand how you learn and what tools might help you carry on learning effectively, check out the resources listed below.