Application process

Applicants are advised to draft and work through their application using the Word copy of the online form. Once the application is ready, copy and paste responses from your final version into the online form.

Please proofread your application and public documents carefully and ensure that someone with an excellent grasp of English edits these.

Only the Principal Investigator/Supervisor can submit an application. Once submitted the application is sent for departmental sign-off before it reaches the Ethics and Integrity Team to be considered for Ethics Committee review.

If you require support with the preparing or submitting an application in the online Ethics RM system, please contact, or submit a request for technical assistance via the Student Services portal or the Staff Services portal.

Please refer to the Infonetica Ethics RM quick reference guides for instructions on how to use Ethics RM (also available from the Infonetica Ethics RM Guides section of the Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee (AHREC) page for students and those external to the university).

Students (including Doctoral, Masters and Honours) can create and edit an application in Infonetica Ethics RM, but only the Supervisor/Principal Investigator can submit it.

Note: PhD and Masters students automatically have access to Ethics RM but access for Honours students must be requested by the academic supervisor once for each academic course.

Student applications can be created in three ways

  1. The academic supervisor can create the shell of the application and share the application with the student:
    1. The academic supervisor or principal investigator (PI) can first create a ‘shell’ of the application (completing minimal details - project title and PI / supervisor name) and share the application with the student for completion.
    2. Once the student has completed the application in Ethics RM, they must then request their academic supervisor or PI to review and submit their application for Academic Head sign-off.
  2. The student can create the application in Ethics RM, transfer ownership of the application to their academic supervisor or PI and request they share the application with them:
    1. The student can initiate and complete the application form in Ethics RM noting their academic supervisor or PI as the Principal Investigator for the application.
    2. Once complete, the student must then transfer ownership of the application to their academic supervisor or PI and request they share the application with them. (This is necessary because a student is not permitted to submit an application – the academic supervisor or PI is responsible for submission).
  3.  A Word version of the UAHPEC application form is available for students to complete so that supervisors can continue to provide feedback on a student’s application using Word tracked changes prior to entering the application details online. Once the Word version application is finalised, the student can copy the content into the online Ethics RM form and transfer the application to their academic supervisor or PI for submission as detailed.

    As far as possible, all applications will be pre-screened for compliance and other suggested improvements by the Ethics team ethics advisors. In Ethics RM, an application returned for pre-screening will not be visible to the Ethics team until it is re-submitted. The Ethics Committee expects applicants to make the requested changes in a timely manner. The UAHPEC will not review the application until an adequate, revised application is submitted.