Online Ethics Training Modules

These modules work best on desktop/laptop devices and can be accessed off-campus without VPN.

  • Introduction to Human Ethics: provides an overview as to how and why human ethics is relevant for human participatory research.

Ethical issues of anonymity and confidentiality, informed consent and conflict of interest can be a stumbling block for applicants. These modules provide explanations on the meaning of the ethical terms and how to apply the ethical issues to a human participatory research design. The individual quiz components utilise case scenario examples providing applicants with a gauge of understanding of how and when to apply the ethical issue. Modules have a quiz component with a certificate generated once 80% or more of correct answers has been obtained.

  • Anonymity and Confidentiality
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Consent
  • How to Write a Research Ethics Application:  provides guidance and key questions to consider before writing an ethics application.
  • Database Repositories: contains pre-work researchers should consider prior to applications for secondary data analysis, retrospective data analysis or review of records. Also what to consider if thinking of establishing a data repository.
  • Methodologies: contains an overview of the general types of methodologies such as interviews, focus groups, use of AV/VR and what should be considered in an application for these methodologies.
  • Social Media Platforms: Thinking of recruiting online for your research? – Then this module has practical guidance. Also included in this module are content from videoed training events that provide guidance and questions to consider for researchers planning research involving social media platforms.
  • Under development:  Research involving Creative Practice and Māori Responsiveness.

If there is any element(s) of the modules you were having difficulty with and would like to discuss, feel free to request a meeting with an ethics advisor via

Fiona Cheal: Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Work, Law, Liggins Institute, Science.

Colleen Altagracia: Faculty of Business and Economics, CAI, Engineering, FMHS and ABI

Online Training Module Updates:
July 2019

  • Module content modified to align with updated UAHPEC Guiding Principles (Approved by University Council 2019) and UAHPEC Applicant Reference Manual 2019.
  • New: Anonymity and Confidentiality module: section for identifiability of data.
  • New: Research involving Database Repositories module: section for genetic data, an introduction to the personnel genomics industry