Online Ethics Training Modules

It is recommended that you complete these modules prior to drafting your human ethics application to have a thorough understanding of the ethical issues related to research involving human participants.

The first four modules listed below have a quiz component that automatically generates a certificate of completion when 80% or more correct answers have been provided to aid in the process of self-learning. The certificate will be emailed to the individual undertaking the modules.

Available modules:

• Introduction to Human ethics
• Anonymity and Confidentiality
• Conflict of Interest
• Consent

• Methodologies - covers interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, use of VR/AG

• Research involving social media platforms – including online recruitment
• Research involving database repositories
• Research involving creative practice

If there are any elements of the modules you are having difficulty with and would like to discuss in more detail, feel free to request a meeting with an ethics advisor from via   

Online Training Module Updates:
• New: Research involving creative practice
• Updated: Anonymity and Confidentiality: section for identifiability of data
• Updated: Research involving Database Repositories module: section for genetic data, an introduction to the personnel genomics industry