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Postgraduate Statistics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered Course coordinator
STATS 705 Topics in Official Statistics S2 Barry Milne
STATS 707 Computational Introduction to Statistics S1 Chaitanya Joshi
STATS 708 Topics in Statistical Education S1 Stephanie Budgett
STATS 720 Stochastic Processes S1 Ilze Ziedins
STATS 721 Foundations of Stochastic Processes S2 Jesse Goodman
STATS 726 Time Series S2 Ciprian Giurcaneanu
STATS 730 Statistical Inference S2 Alain Vandal
STATS 731 Bayesian Inference S2 Brendon Brewer
STATS 732 Foundations of Statistical Inference S1 Yong Wang
STATS 740 Sample Surveys S1 Claudia Rivera-Rodriguez
STATS 762 Regression for Data Science S1 Kate Lee
STATS 763 Advanced Regression Methodology S2 Alain Vandal
STATS 765 Statistical Learning for Data Science S1 Yalu Wen
STATS 766 Multivariate Analysis S2 Renate Meyer
STATS 767 Foundations of Applied Multivariate Analysis S1 Beatrix Jones
STATS 768 Longitudinal Data Analysis S2 Priya Parmar
STATS 769 Advanced Data Science Practice S2 Yong Wang
STATS 770 Introduction to Medical Statistics S1 Yalu Wen
STATS 773 Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials S2 Thomas Lumley
STATS 776 Estimating Animal Abundance S1 James Russell
STATS 779 Professional Skills for Statisticians - Level 9 S1 Katya Ruggiero
STATS 780 Statistical Consulting S2 Andrew Balemi
STATS 782 Statistical Computing S1, S2 Thomas Yee
STATS 784 Statistical Data Mining S1 Thomas Yee
STATS 786 Special Topic in Statistical Computing S1 Matt Edwards
STATS 787 Data Visualisation S1 Paul Murrell

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