Our undergraduate courses and programmes

Undergraduate courses provide an overview and foundation in Statistics, and prepare you for further study opportunities.

Stage one Statistics courses

Course code Course title
STATS 100 Concepts in Statistics
STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics
STATS 101G Introduction to Statistics (General Education)
STATS 108 Statistics for Commerce
STATS 125 Probability and its Applications
STATS 150 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
STATS 150G Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (General Education)

Stage two Statistics courses

Course code Course title
STATS 201 Data Analysis
STATS 208 Data Analysis for Commerce
STATS 210 Statistical Theory
STATS 220 Data Technologies
STATS 225 Probability: Theory and Applications
STATS 240 Design and Structured Data
STATS 255 Optimisation and Data-driven Decision Making

Stage three Statistics courses

Course code Course title
STATS 301 Statistical Programming and Modelling using SAS
STATS 302 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STATS 310 Introduction to Statistical Inference
STATS 313 Advanced Topics in Probability
STATS 320 Applied Stochastic Modelling
STATS 325 Stochastic Processes
STATS 326 Applied Time Series Analysis
STATS 330 Statistical Modelling
STATS 331 Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
STATS 369 Data Science Practice
STATS 370 Financial Mathematics
STATS 380 Statistical Computing
STATS 383 The Science and Craft of Data Management
STATS 399 Capstone: Statistics in Action

Choosing your Statistics courses