Biomedical and human biology

Our research aims to understand the biological mechanisms that underpin physiological and pathological states and use this knowledge to improve well-being.

Blood samples

Our research overlaps interests in the biology of the immune system, lymphatics and cancer with a focus on developing novel therapeutics.

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Test sample tubes

We use genetic, molecular and bioinformatic tools in a variety of organisms to improve outcomes in health, agriculture and ecological systems.

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Brain scans

Our multidisciplinary research considers the structure and function of the nervous system and how it alters with neurological health conditions.

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Food researcher cutting up feijoa

Our research focuses on understanding how diet and metabolic processes contribute to human health and the development of metabolic disorders.

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Stem cells are precursor cells that self-renew and differentiate into many cell types. Research is rapidly revealing their tremendous therapeutic potential.

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Biological Sciences students

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