Ecology, evolution and behaviour

We research life’s dynamics from bacteria to whales, in alpine to ocean habitats, and as biological complexity ranges from molecules to ecosystems.


Entomology is the study of insects and seeks to explore their relationship to humans, the environment, and other organisms.

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Petrie dish

We study microbial ecology, aquatic microbiology, geomicrobiology, and the interactions of microbes, animals and plants.

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Our research considers the mechanisms and processes of heritable change within and among populations of organisms over multiple generations.

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Marine Science students

Our research focuses on the factors that determine the distribution and abundance of marine organisms.

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Manuka flower

We study how the environment, both physical and biological, interacts with the physiology of an organism.

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Native tui

In this area, we investigate how and why the levels of biodiversity and its functional effects change over time.

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Our research in this area combines the ecology of terrestrial and freshwater organisms to explore active processes and their interactions.

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Biological science students

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