Funding for new initiatives

We have a small amount of funding for active initiatives that support equity, inclusivity and diversity in our faculty.

A Piggybank

Do you have an idea for a working group or initiative that will support inclusivity and diversity in our faculty? Projects can apply for funding between $500 and $2000 by filling in the form below.


  • Initiatives can focus on students and/or staff.
  • Students can be principally engaged with the initiative, but a member of staff needs to take overall responsibility.
  • Initiatives can be narrow (e.g., focused on one particular group in one particular discipline) or more general (e.g., a group across the faculty).

We interpret initiative broadly and inclusively, recognising that what might work for one group is quite different from what might work for another. We expect some rationale for the initiative, but that does not mean we require a very high empirical evidentiary standard. . Indeed, we welcome creative and visionary initiatives – but they do require a clear rationale for why they might work.

Financial details

Funding available per grant: Generally $500-$2000

Duration: The grant must be spent within the financial year applied for, but the project duration may be longer. Spending must be in accordance with University of Auckland policy.

How to apply

Individuals or groups can submit a completed application following the button below, including a budget, to the Faculty of Science Equity Committee (FoSEC) for consideration and review by the
specified due date.

A sub-committee constituted by Faculty of Science Equity Committee members* will convene each year to review applications, seeking additional clarification, and notifying applicants of the outcome within three weeks of application. At the end of the initiative, applicants need to submit a brief evaluative report on the initiative.

*Ad-hoc members not part of FoSEC may also be called on, as needed.


In 2023, we seek proposals for initiatives focusing on intervention (broadly construed) rather than data collection/analysis. Please check with the Associate Dean Equity if you are unsure.