SBS Student Resource Centre

We offer a range of services for students studying in the School of Biological Sciences.


SBS Student Resource Centre
Level 1
Building 106
5 Symonds Street
City Campus
Location map (Google)

Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 87297
Opening hours: 9am-4pm

At the SBS Student Resource Centre, you can:

  • Pick up and drop off assignments for Biological Sciences
  • Collect Biological Sciences lab test results
  • Borrow course materials and resources
  • Check out the SBS Noticeboards
  • Visit the enquiry desk


Assignment hand in

Your course manual or coordinator will advise you on the submission deadlines associated with each assignment or lab test.

To submit your assignment at the SBS Student Resource Centre:

  • Complete and attach an assignment sheet
  • Submit into the clearly labelled assignment boxes (right of the SBS Student Resource Cente desk)

Boxes are emptied promptly, in line with the deadlines specified by your course coordinator.

Late submissions

Assignments or lab tests submitted up to 24 hours after the 4pm deadline on the due date will receive an automatic penalty of 20% deduction of marks.

After 24 hours, late assignments or lab tests will not be accepted, except with a medical certificate or for compassionate reasons.

Assignment & Lab Test Collection

Many marked assignments and lab tests are available for collection on presentation of your student ID card.

Details of assignments and lab tests available for collection will be shown on the whiteboard near the SBS Student Resource Centre desk. 

Resources and facilities

Loans - Course resource materials

We carry a wide range of material which can be borrowed for photocopying (one hour limit) by leaving your photo ID with the front desk.

Materials available include:

  • Recommended reading material and articles
  • Course handouts (often free of charge)
  • Videos and DVDs
  • A limited selection of textbooks
  • Past exams/mid-semester test papers

Note: Exam papers are also available online on the Library website. The previous year's exam questions are usually put up on Canvas by coordinators.

Other facilities

Noticeboards display:

  • Stage 1 courses test result
  • Biology Student Association updates
  • SBS news and events

The area also has a common area where you meet up with friends and discuss courses.

Enquiry desk

We provide a range of general advice. If you have specific academic questions we can refer you to the relevant course coordinator.

We have a telephone and computer to give you access to the internal phone network and to online resources.

Our plasma information screen displays course information, news and updates as well as topical features, including stunning film footage and documentaries relating to Biological Science courses.