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Principal investigators

CCE Director
Professor Alexei Drummond
Research interest: Epidemiology, Ecology, Evolution, Phylogenetics software development

Deputy Director
Dr David Welch
Research interest: Epidemiology

Professor Quentin D Atkinson
Research interest: Culture and language

Associate Professor Thomas Buckley
Research interest: Ecology

Dr Matthew Egbert
Research interest: Evolution of biological functionality

Professor Russell Gray
Research interest: Culture and language

Dr Simone Linz
Research interest: Mathematical phylogenetics

Dr Nicholas J. Matzke
Research interests: Phylogenetic biogeography, Linking species distribution modelling and Phylogenetic biogeography, Linking palaeontology and phylogenetics, Model-based inference in evolutionary biology

Professor Anthony Poole
Research interest: Evolution of biological functionality

Associate Professor James Russell
Research interest: Conservation biology

Dr Anna Santure
Research interest: Ecology

Associate Professor Peter Wills
Research interest: Evolution of biological functionality

Research fellows

Senior Research Fellow
Dr Remco Bouckaert
Research interest: Phylogenetic software development, Language and culture

Marie-Curie Research Fellow
Dr Georgianne Griffiths
Research interest: Ecology

Postdoctoral Research Fellows:
Jordan Douglas
Research interest: Bayesian phylogenetics

Dr Alexis Rutschmann
Research interest: Ecology

Dr Annabel Whibley
Research interests: Genetics and genomics, Evolutionary biology, Sequencing technologies and diagnostic methods

Research programmer

Dr Walter Xie
Research interest: Phylogenetics and bioinformatics software development, comparative genomics, data analysis