Research in Computational Evolution

We research across six different areas of computational evolution.

Green dyed virus

The study of phylodynamics uses the information in pathogen genomes to understand and predict epidemic dynamics and outbreaks.

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DNA encoding

The research in this area looks at how life evolved, and what are the attributes of intelligent life.

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Cave painting

Modelling and applying evolutionary processes in the cultural domain which has culminated in multiple publications in Science, Nature and PNAS.

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Developing the mathematical framework and algorithms to untangle the web of life is the central focus of this group.

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Computer code

Applications of phylogenetics are completely reliant on having software available.

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DNA double helix

Our centre has researched implementing and elaborating the multispecies coalescent model for embedding gene trees inside a shared species tree.

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People working on computers

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Students in lecture

We hold regular research meetings where CCE researchers and visitors present on current projects.

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