About us

Our aim is to pursue and support research that delves into innovative manufacturing, nanotechnology, photonic and quantum technology, green chemistry, climate science and energy.

Our theme is linked to the University's fifth global challenge, which focuses on future technologies.

We are keen to hear how the theme would best work for us all, and how the Faculty of Science can build on the work of our Centres of Research Excellence, such as MacDiarmid, Dodd-Walls, MedTech. We would also like to explore how we can collaborate with national science challenges and University-wide initiatives such as the Innovative material and manufacturing programme, as well as other aligned programmes.

The Future materials and technologies theme is open to anyone, especially researchers who have ideas about how to develop the theme, are keen to be involved and are looking for support in finding collaborators and funding opportunities.

We hope to foster connections between researchers at all stages of their career to exchange ideas. We also hope to work alongside key stakeholders in the community, industry and government.

We would like to get ideas from as many interested people as possible, so please join us and we will keep you updated on events and opportunities associated with this research theme.

Who we are