Our World and Universe

Māi i te whenua ki te rangi, Māi i te rangi ki te whenua | Seeking to advance our understanding of our planet and universe.

We are a diverse group focused on furthering our understanding of the Earth and the universe. Our research spans several intertwined areas.

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Where do all the elements come from?

Dr J.J. Eldridge talks about research into the lives and deaths of stars, especially binary stars that have very different lives to single stars like our Sun.

Techweek - The future of space in New Zealand

Watch the recorded panel discussion for this event (May 2019) and go to our About us page to view our other activities.

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A multi-disciplinary research centre that focuses on environmental restoration, conservation and sustainability.

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Interested in questions that promise to transcend disciplinary boundaries: what is the origin of life? Is our own universe part of a much larger multiverse?


Join us to find a way to better humanity, build a satellite, and launch it into space.

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This initiative brings analytical centre equipment and expertise together under one administrative umbrella.

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Keep up-to-date with the latest news and views from New Zealand's leading university.

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