Tuākana Maths

We welcome you to our Tuākana Maths programme. Come along to our dedicated spaces to hang out, work hard, find help and challenge yourself.

We understand that many of our rst year students are taking one or two Maths courses that are required as part of another programme of study, and that it’s easy to feel disconnected from the subject. But it doesn't have to feel like that. Even if you are taking just one Maths course - we welcome you to our collaborative network - one that is focused on people, culture and learning.

two Tuākana students sit at a table together with a Tuākana tutor and study.

The Tuākana maths programme includes:

Tuākana room

The Tuākana room is a study space that you can access anytime you like. You can study, work on assignments or just hang out.  It is here you will find our Tuākana library with text books available for most of the maths courses for your use, there are kitchen facilities including a microwave and electric  jug, and you will meet other students in your courses who are using the room too.

Tuākana tutors

During the week our Tuākana Tutors are available to help you with your stage I, stage II and stage III  Mathematics courses in the Tuākana room. 

Where: Building 303-B13
When: Monday to Friday, 3pm-6pm

On the days and times below, tutors can help with specific courses:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday
3pm-4pm Allison: all stage 1, stage 2, including: 162, 260, 270
Wiremu: 102, 108, 110, 150, 208, 250
Malia: all stage 1, 208, including: 108
Wiremu:  102, 108, 110, 150, 208, 250
Michael: all stage 1, 208, 250, 253, stage 3 pure, including: 150
David: all stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 applied including: 102, 110
Tayla: all stage 1, 250, 260, 270
4pm-5pm Allison: See above
Ben: all stage 1, 208, 253
Sione: all stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 including: 190
Wiremu: See above
Michael: all stage 1, 208, 250, 253, stage 3 pure, including: 150
Morgan: all stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 maths courses including: 225, 255, stage 3 pure
David: See above
Tayla:  See above
5pm-6pm Allison: See above
Ben: See above
Sione: See above
Ben: See above
Morgan: See above

Morgan: See above
David: See above
Tayla: See above


Mathematics assistance room

The Department of Mathematics also provides the mathematics assistance room where you can drop in for one-on-one assistance.

Where: Building 302-170
When: Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm

For more information about resources you can utilise, please see Facilities and resources.

Tuākana tutors and coordinators

Meet our team.  You can select the gallery below to find out more about us.

Tuākana Maths prizes and financial support

Students who achieve A grades, whether it is an A-, A, or A+, are eligible for a $50 University bookshop Ubiq voucher and a certificate of achievement. If you recieve an A grade, you will be contacted by one of the team.

Please see New Start financial support and Scholarships and awards for further information about possible financial support to help you with your studies.

Our graduate stories

Meet our Faculty of Science graduates, some of whom have credited the Tuākana programme with making their University experience incredibley supportive - especially the enduring friendships that were made.

Māori and Pasifika at the faculty

Welcome to all our Māori and Pacific students