Aarti Raghav

Aarti's enjoys the industry-orientated, real-world experiences that are included as part of her course assignments.

Key facts

Programme: Masters of Professional Studies in Data Science

“I like dealing with data crunching and analysing data to derive what factors influence the numbers and their impact (figuratively).

“My interest in data analysis and data visualisation tools made me pursue the MProfStuds in Data Science.

“The courses taught are industry-oriented, giving you real-world experiences as you work through projects and assignments.

“There is a focus on the theory too, and I can easily relate to what this course content can be used for in a job. The assistance given by the lecturers also makes the courses easy to follow and interesting.

This programme makes you ‘job-ready’ focusing on some very important and advanced topics in various courses.

Aarti Raghav

“The selection of courses makes it quite unique as we get the opportunity to choose our preferred courses from a set of specialised courses based on our interests and our own individual career roadmap.”

“I am looking forward to working as a data analyst/scientist in the ICT industry when I graduate.”