Aditi Sherekar

Aditi chose to combine Computer Science and Psychology as part of her larger goal to use technology to make a real difference in healthcare.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subject: Computer Science and Psychology

“After studying elsewhere in my first year, I decided to move to the University of Auckland. I became really interested in neurology, which lead me to taking Psychology as a major. In my second year of my BSc I decided to add Computer Science as another major because I wanted to take my degree a step further to open up more opportunities when I complete
my studies.

“The motivation for adding a Computer Science major came from one of my first-year General Education Computer Science courses – I found the coding aspect intriguing. I believe the combination of these majors is unique, and beneficial to my future career prospects.

“Both healthcare and technology are growing industries in today’s world. After completing my degree I’d like to use technology to make a difference in healthcare. At this point in time it needs extra attention and therefore I would love the opportunity to help make people’s lives
better and easier.

Aditi Sherekar

“I thoroughly appreciate the amount of help that’s provided. The guidance and support I receive have encouraged me to strive for high achievement throughout my degree. I received a Certificate of Achievement for getting high grades in Computer Science, which I’m really proud of.

“The University of Auckland has a very diverse culture, which allows for immense growth. Throughout my time at University I’ve come across many different personalities who have been highly inspiring. Along with making lifelong friendships, the guidance, support and countless opportunities, both educational and social, that the University provides have allowed me to learn and grow. This has made my University experience the most memorable time of my life. I’ll cherish it forever.”