Buster Layzell

Buster Layzell explains how he is able to combine his interests in forensic anthropology and field archaeology.

Buster Layzell

Programme: BSc in Anthropological Science

"I initially enrolled as a BSc in my first year to explore different science subjects (mostly statistics and biology) taught at the university before I settled on something specific. Although, I ironically ended up choosing anthropology as my major because of how many broad topics it covers. Archaeology, evolution, linguistics, you’ll certainly be able to find at least one thing you enjoy under it.

"I’m currently studying the undergraduate BSc and expect to finish my undergraduate after Semester 1 2022. I’m also hoping to enrol in Honours Anthropology next year (mostly for archaeology).

"The work/methods utilised in both forensics and archaeology are fascinating to me. I’m not so certain I’d be able to acquire a stable career from them, but I reckon I’d feel decently fulfilled with any opportunities they might provide.

"The University of Auckland has a very good reputation for experienced staff and career success, so I thought my luck would be best pressed with them. It’s more than lucky for me that the institution happens to teach both archaeology and forensics.

"As of now, I’m mostly keen on getting into either forensic anthropology (mostly osteology/skeletal analysis) and field archaeology (survey/excavation practices).

I like the idea of interpreting and preserving the past/heritage…

Buster Layzell

"I enjoy hands-on fieldwork and reports, the work in general for both areas feel adventurous if that makes sense. Alongside this, I like the idea of interpreting and preserving the past/heritage, and both contribute to research about such and doing something for a good cause in my book.

"I’m mostly gunning for getting enough decent qualifications and experience to join a heritage consultancy organisation or company, like CFG Heritage or Clough & Associates. For a while though, I’ll probably try to work in academia at the university before I get anywhere near to that point.

"I’ve gained a lot of support for my studies from the Auckland Archaeological Society based at the University. Besides leading me to a lot of decent contacts throughout the fields of research I’m interested in, I’ve also been able to acquire a fair number of volunteering opportunities that have helped provide me some practical experience."