Imche Fourie

Imche loves the way the Master of Bioscience Enterprise combines science with business. She wants to find employment in the business side of a science-based company.

Key facts

Programme: Master of Bioscience Enterprise

“I’ve always had a long-held enthusiasm for science, but knew I did not want to pursue an academic or research-focused career.

“The postgraduate programme in Bioscience Enterprise is like 'an MBA' for scientists. It allows me to use my scientific background in the context of the business world, which represents a set of skills I think more people should have.

I would love to run my own biotechnology start-up in future, and I’m sure that what I’ve learned in this programme will help me get started.

Imche Fourie

“This programme represents the overlap of science and business, where scientific discoveries can make their way to the people who most need these breakthroughs, instead of staying stuck in the lab.”

“Science graduates learn about topics such as finance, marketing and intellectual property law, as it applies to science-based companies and start-ups.

“There are many opportunities to meet people who are currently working in the relevant fields, and some of the lecturers are experienced entrepreneurs in this area, too.

“I hope that this qualification will help me gain employment and experience in the area of research commercialisation, or business development in a science-based company.”